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Advertising Kiosk System

Advertising Kiosk System is a very effective, eye-catching medium which can be fabricated as per the requirement of the application. A digital signage kiosk in a standee with has an in-built player connected to the screens which can be updated from any remote location by using digital signage software. This medium can be used to welcome guests, advertise products as well as display important information relevant to its viewers. This type of kiosk system brightness adjustable screen is with an ambient light sensor to increase and decrease brightness when necessary to make it easy to read in the dark or when the sun is shining, it ensures showing excellent graphic effect all the time.

Features & Benefits:

1) They are light in weight, and waterproof & weatherproof.
2) They consumes low power (saves electricity).
3) Size is adjustable and depends on the requirement.
4) They provide stable video and image without flicker.