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Indoor LED Display Screen

Indoor LED Display Screen for indoor applications is a module based LED wall solution. The technology used in LED displays is DIP(Dual In-Line Package). As this is a module based solution, it can be molded into any shape or size.Due to DIP technology that is used the indoor video walls are sturdy, durable & very bright. The picture quality is not compromised in our solution, hence the display is crystal clear despite it’s a room or night time. We strive to create products which are environmentally balanced, these indoor LED display screen are low power consumption.Our indoor LED displays are compatible with various input formats, such as DVD players, cable TV, internet & intranet etc.  

Features & Benefits:

1) They consumes low power (saves electricity).
2) Convertable LED display screen (any size and any shape).
3) Display video quality is highly defined (HD).
4) Available in attractive models.