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LED Curtain

Whether for clubs, festivals, concerts, advertising or exhibitions, LED Curtains are perfect for entertaining and advertising purposes. LED curtains will change the way think about doing large scale video. Simply unfold, hang, connect the display cables and watch easily. They are hi-definition LED displays with outstanding contrast & brightness levels. They project vibrant images even in high ambient environments. LED Video Curtains can be customized to fit your needs. You can even choose to have your LED Video Curtain as one panel or multiple panels for easier mounting. They are compatible with a wide variety of software and hardware interfaces. Even the large video systems can be assembled easily and quickly with these LED Curtains.  

Features & Benefits:

1) LED curtain produces stable video & images without flicker.
2) They are light in weight, exceptionally thin and waterproof.
3) The video quality is HD with outstanding contrast & brightness levels.
4) Easily convert-able to any size and any shape.