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LED Screen For Stadiums

The LED Screens for Stadiums are masters in showing game scores, game telecast and advertisements. We use 3in1 LED technology to improve the horizontal viewing angle to more than 160 degrees. With such a super wide viewing angle it increases the amount of spectators, and also multiple advertisements that can be showed at once. The refresh rate frequency for our stadium screens, sports displays, football stadium screens and perimeter displays is over 800 Hz, so no static will be shown when recorded by a television camera and broadcasted on television. This means that with a high refresh rate frequency our stadium screens and sports displays can display flicker free video images, which includes live video feeds.

Features & Benefits:

1) They are high refresh screens made up of completely weather-proof material suitable for outdoor applications.
2) Available in different sizes and are fitted with complete control system.
3) They consumes low power (saves electricity).
4) High definition video quality.